Prepared with Care™

Prepared with care

Experience food with impressive features

Our food team has searched high and low for the best ingredients, prepared the recipes with care, then tested and re-tested them so they go effortlessly and deliciously from freezer to table.

Our Supreme Stuffed Peppers.

We take time and care with our recipes

Like our Supreme Stuffed Peppers. They're hand-stuffed with freshly picked sweet bell peppers and a tangy mix of beef, rice and tomato sauce for an old-fashioned, homemade taste. Topped generously with real parmesan, they’re your weeknight go-to.


Slow cooked for at least four hours

Smoked over Canadian maple hardwood, then slow-cooked for four hours. Our ribs truly live up to their name.

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Homestyle stew, with all the work done for you

To make our stews, we start with an aromatic base, then slow simmer to build up amazing flavour – which we preserve by flash freezing.

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Braised for half a day. Ready in half an hour

Perfectly aged and well-marbled, our Chuck pot roast braises for 10 hours so you can have it ready in half an hour.

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Perfectly prepped and portioned

Perfectly prepped and portioned—and tossed with delicious, well-seasoned sauces—our skillet dinners are ready in just 20 minutes.

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Our real food promise

Helping you make real food for real life.

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Why frozen?

Flash freezing locks in freshness!

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