Easy celebration meals for two

Whatever your reason to celebrate, a date night at home makes perfect sense. You know every bite will be just as you like it, plus you don’t have to battle traffic or leave a tip. And while some events call for gathering the extended family, sometimes a quiet meal for two — served at your own pace — is its own reason for celebrating.

For the full experience, pull a few of your favourite apps from the freezer and crisp them up in the air fryer so you’ve got something to nibble on while the rest of the meal cooks. The appetizers in our Asian Party Pack pair well with each of the menus below, or you can play up the restaurant-at-home experience by serving a savoury French Onion Soup to start.

Frozen holiday turkey dinner for two

Holiday Turkey Dinner for Two

Celebrate the season with all the trimmings, and keep the leftovers to yourselves! Start off your meal with a sweet-and-savoury Cranberry Brie, nestled in delicate pastry and oozing melted cheese. It’s both festive and delicious. Follow with our juicy Turkey Breast, which delivers the best bits of the bird in only 75 minutes of cook time. It’s great on its own or smothered in subtly citrusy Muskoka Cranberry Sauce (available for a limited time only).

For a decadent side, try Supreme Scalloped Potatoes. They offer the creamy comfort of the notoriously time-consuming dish, except all you need to do is pop it in the oven or microwave (and maybe let a notch out on your belt — it’s that good!). Serve alongside tender-but-crisp Bistro-Style Green Beans, delicately seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt and garlic, and dotted with festive bursts of red pepper. Now, pass the rich and savoury Turkey Gravy (available for a limited time only), please.

Finally, crank up the holiday tunes and rest your belly for a bit before capping the meal off with some mini desserts. We love Nanaimo Bites, Mini Cream Puffs, Mini Eclairs and Pralines and Cream Cheesecake Bites.

Steak night dinner for two

Steak Night

Whatever your reason for celebrating, steak is always a solid choice. Start with our Four Bean Salad as a hearty first course that can be served warm or cold. Top it off with fresh lemon juice, cilantro and spring onions if you’re feeling fancy.

For the main event, you’ve got to have baked potatoes. Our Classic Stuffed Potatoes come preloaded with butter, cream and chives so you can enjoy the decadent flavours without having to prepare, serve or wash up after the garnishes. And the star of the show is our tender Chateaubriand. It cooks to a perfect medium-rare in the oven or on the grill, and slices nicely into individual steaks.

There’s no guarantee, but if you still have room for more, top it all off with your favourite M&M Food Market cheesecake for a New York City-steakhouse experience at home.

Air Fryer made from frozen foods for two

Air Fryer Dinner for Two

When love is in the air, celebrate by popping tasty treats in the air fryer. It may be best known as an easy way to crisp up our off-the-charts good appetizers, but you’re missing out if you haven’t tried preparing an entire meal in your air fryer.

The appliance is perfect for prepping Beef Wellington, a celebratory main that’s crisp and flaky on the outside, and stuffed with tender filet mignon, liver pâté and a decadent mushroom gravy. Serve with Grilled Mini Potatoes, which cook up even crispier in the air fryer. Garlic Shrimp transforms the meal into a surf-and-turf occasion, while Seasoned Sweet Peas offer a fresh counterpoint to all that crispy goodness. Bonus: you can air fry them too, if you wish.

Once you’ve finished the main event, pop some Caramel Apple Blossoms in the fryer. Wrapped in flaky pastry, oozing with gooey caramel sauce and stuffed to the brim with Canadian Northern Spy apples, these tender bites taste even better served with a scoop of vanilla cream.

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