Dishes you never knew you could grill

You’re in a barbecue groove, we get it — the classics are always a solid choice for flame-grilling. But we’re here with fresh ideas and tasty dishes to help you break out of your routine and keep mealtimes exciting. These foods are all delectable in their own right, but add a little smoke and char from the ’cue and you’ll level-up your achievements in the flavour department.

Savoury grilled bites and wings

Savoury grilled bites and wings.

Canadians are dedicated to their barbecues, tending the fire in everything from flip-flops to parkas, no matter the weather or the season. And we’re happy to oblige that passion with our top-notch lineup of grillables. Turns out your barbecue can cook up all sorts of little bites with minimal mess and maximum flavour. You don’t need to heat up the oven or stand over a pot of boiling oil to create the crispy textures and rich flavours you love in your fave apps. Just fire up your propane tank or bank those coals and you’re ready to roll.

Grilled Pulled Pork Flatbread and Bacon Wrapped Scallops.

Summer BBQ apps

We love how a little char on the edges of our Pulled Pork Flatbread intensifies the sweet smokiness of the chipotle sauce nestled under the tender shredded meat. Cut out crosswise wedges so everyone gets a bit of the crispy crust. While you’re looking through the tool drawer, grab some long skewers and slide them through our Bacon Wrapped Scallops. The skewers make these bites easy to turn. You won’t be able to eat just one piece anyway — trust us.

Grilled Chicken Wings.

Wings are made for grilling

The grates let any excess fat drip off, so they come out with super-crispy exteriors and juicy interiors. Just make sure to back the heat off a bit — medium-high is perfect for preventing flare-ups from, well, flaring up. (Just stick to the detailed cooking instructions, keep your eyes on the wings and turn often for even browning.) And don’t forget the toppers. Our current picks are Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings with a drizzle of Buttermilk Dill Dipping Sauce and chopped fresh chives, and Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Pro tip: Grill lemon wedges to make them extra juicy.

Surprising barbecued sides

Grilled sides.

Free your stovetop or oven up! Your barbecue is the ideal place to cook up creative sides. It’s also a super backup if a big bird is taking up the whole oven or your teenager is hogging all the burners. Plus, the flames add a delicious whiff of natural smoke to our perfectly seasoned, picked-at-their-peak veggies.

Grilled Stuffed Potatoes

BBQ in foil

Grab some heavy-duty foil and wrap up our Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Potatoes in individual packets. Roast on a preheated grill according to the handy package instructions and they’ll come out just as tender, cheesy and delicious as they would from your oven. (Did we mention they’re gluten-free as well?) Or, for super-simple cleanup, slide our Herbed Red Skin Potatoes straight onto the grates. 

Grilled Mini Potato skewers.

Grilled bacon and mini potato kabobs

Our Kabobs are always a hit, so serving your sides in the same format just makes sense. Thaw a pack of our tender Grilled Mini Potatoes for about 15 minutes at room temperature and then skewer them, alternating with lengths of green onion or chunks of sun-dried tomato. Grill over medium-low heat for a couple of minutes until the potatoes are heated through and the onions are wilted and lightly charred. Serve these kabobs with a dollop of Garlic Aioli Spread for a flavour-packed accompaniment to grilled meats, poultry or fish.

More inspiration

We make tons of items that heat up nicely on the barbecue. Next time you’re in the mood for a tasty surprise, try these ideas .

Pizzas — Preheat the grill to medium-low (about 400°F). Remove all packaging from your frozen pizza and place directly in centre of grate. Close lid and grill, rotating halfway through, for 10 to 15 minutes or until cheese is melted and crust is golden brown.

Chicken Quesadillas — Preheat grill to the temperature listed on the packaging. Remove wrapping and arrange quesadilla on a grill pan, in a cast-iron skillet or on a Cookina Barbecue Grilling Sheet and heat through until cheese is bubbly and tortillas are crispy.

Veggies — If you have a metal grill basket or heavy-duty foil handy, you can barbecue just about any veggies you like without having to worry about them slipping through the grates.

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