4 next-level game day feasts

It’s that time again! Playoffs, finals and championship matches are here, and you need a menu that won’t tire you out before your team hits the field, rink, pitch or diamond.

We’ve lined up four all-star spreads packed with yummy, comfort food flavours for the next big game day at your house. Whether you’re sitting down with your pals, the fam or the kids, these lineups will please everyone’s palate and make both prep and cleanup a breeze.

Game day appetizer board

Touchdown wings ’n things board

Sit down with your buddies for some pigskin plays and a homemade, pub-grub-style buffet. The focus here is on bold flavours, crispy-crunchy textures and maybe a little bit of heated competition (pun intended) for the spiceheads at the table.

A board full of the best game day football foods
Chicken Wings and Chicken Chunks

Start with chicken wings and chunks

Lay the foundation for your board by arranging a selection of our meaty, mouth-watering chicken bites on a big platter: crunchy-outside, tender-inside Jumbo Crispy Wings; boneless, all-white-meat Buffalo Chicken Chunks dressed in an exclusive Buffalo-seasoned crispy coating; and juicy, golden Chicken Chunks.

Game Day finger foods

Add flavourful finger foods

Add heaping portions of our intensely cheesy Cheddar Cheese Bites coated in crisp tempura batter, and NEW Spicy Chicken Poblano Firecrackers, which are filled with a wickedly tasty mix of chicken, Monterey Jack, poblano peppers and jalapeños. Not feeling the burn yet? Tuck in a dish of Chipotle Mayo Spread to up the spice ante even more.

Finish off your platter with cool crudités, fresh or pickled jalapeño slices, and citrus wedges for squeezing. Don’t forget a signature cocktail, too — we suggest margaritas made with lots of tangy lime juice.

And, hey, if you have a chunk of AstroTurf lying around, it makes a nearly indestructible tablecloth. Right?

Shopping list

  • Jumbo Crispy Wings
  • Buffalo Chicken Chunks
  • Chicken Chunks
  • Cheddar Cheese Bites
    Our Cheddar Cheese Bites make great mini kabobs for snacking — or scrumptious cocktail garnishes. Skewer them with bright grape or cherry tomatoes, gherkins and other tasty bites.
  • Spicy Chicken Poblano Firecrackers
  • Chipotle Mayo Spread
Meat lovers game day spread

Meat lovers’ game night grand slam

If you have an all-carnivores invite list, this menu brings so many deliciously meaty options to the table. Just don’t skimp on the napkins with this saucy lineup of global flavours.

Meat lovers game day spread
Gourmet Meatballs and Korean Beef Ribs

Ribs and meatballs

Kick off the feast with our finger-licking-delicious Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs, which come fully cooked with a savoury Korean-style barbecue sauce made for dipping or glazing. Then serve up another main that can easily double as an app: our jumbo, hand-rolled Gourmet Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, made with ground beef and chicken, creamy ricotta and Italian spices.

Dry Garlic Pork

Dry Garlic Pork and Barbecue Chicken Wings

Next up: a few gold medal bites for the winners at your table. Our Dry Garlic Pork adds a peppery Southwestern kick, while saucy Barbecue Chicken Wings bring classic Southern, low-and-slow smoked flavour to perfectly seasoned drumettes and winglets.

Pub Party Pack

Pub Party Pack and Thai Sweet and Spicy Dip

Cap off the festivities with the star players in our Pub Party Pack: an assortment of puff pastry apps stuffed with ultra-flavourful Chicken and Applewood Smoked Bacon, Spicy Pepperoni Pizza, Mexican Chili and Buffalo Chicken fillings. Serve with our tangy Thai Sweet and Spicy Dipping Sauce, and garnish with sliced greens onions and fresh basil leaves.

Shopping list

  • Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs
  • Gourmet Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
  • Dry Garlic Pork
  • Barbecue Chicken Wings
  • Pub Party Pack
  • Thai Sweet and Spicy Dipping Sauce
Game night spread

Family-style winners’ banquet

If your crew is planning to graze all evening, serving up a combination of finger foods and heartier fare is the correct play.

A table full of game day foods
Wings and Shrimp Ring

Mix-and-match starters

Start with some apps to get everyone into the game. We like to offer up a mix of smoky Beef and Bacon Skewers and wings — Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings and Buffalo Chicken Wings are our top picks. Round out this starting lineup with a Shrimp Ring and extra tangy Cocktail Sauce for dunking.

Pizza and Beef Chili

Satisfying mains

For the main event, pop our savoury, homestyle Beef Chili into your slow cooker and let its tender beef, beans and zesty spices simmer away till you’re ready to dig in. Mix and match it with slices of our Cheesy Garlic Melt, Pepperoni Pizza and Deluxe Pizza for a rich, satisfying meal everyone will love.

Standing by on the sidelines are dishes of our creamy, cool Buttermilk Dill Dipping Sauce, your favourite pickled peppers and crunchy veg sticks. It won’t hurt to pass the beers for this final round of competition.

Shopping list

  • Beef and Bacon Skewers
  • Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings
  • Shrimp Ring
  • Cocktail Sauce
  • Beef Chili
    If you have leftover chili, whistle up a chili dog for lunch using our peppery pork Oktoberfest®† Sausages as the base. Top with shredded cheese and sliced green onions.
  • Cheesy Garlic Melt
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Deluxe Pizza
  • Buttermilk Dill Dipping Sauce
Kid friendly game day spread

Game night kids’ zone

Little ones love a good game night, too, especially when the food is sized just right for them. And learning good sportsmanship can start with a little sharing at the table.

Game night party spread
Chicken Qusadillas

A variety of kid-friendly eats

Cutting everything down to kid-size is easy when you have a slate of yummy options. First up, slice our ooey-gooey Chicken Quesadillas, filled with roasted chicken, cheese and veggies, into wedges for easy handling. 

Mini shrimp cocktails

Little bites for little hands

Then turn a ready-to-roll Shrimp Ring, which comes complete with cocktail sauce, into pint-size shrimp cocktails for fancy little seafood lovers. 

Set the spread out on a low table and add a “No Grown-Ups Allowed” sign — or else the adults might help themselves first!

Shopping list

  • Chicken Quesadillas
  • Shrimp Ring

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